Pull up a seat, and join our conversation.

Everyone’s welcome in The Common Room, the place to unpack the big ideas that affect our daily lives (and futures).

Sometimes it’s the other side of what you’ve heard.

Sometimes it’s something you missed because it was behind a paywall.

Sometimes it’s a story that needs to be told.

And sometimes it’s just common sense.

We’re inviting some big thinkers -and doers- to unpack the big ideas that are shaping our society. To make sense of what matters.

That means praising some things… and calling out others.

From local heroes to political hot potatoes, we hope to inspire you to:

  • Think deeper
  • See old problems from new angles
  • Act better for your own sake… and our nation’s

We’re optimistic about New Zealand. And we’re keen to help Kiwis be their best selves.

How? Short animated videos on everything from politics to inspiring stories. We hope you’ll find them informative, engaging and thought provoking.

The Common Room is independent and privately owned and funded. We receive no government or NZ On Air funding.


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