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If you rely on the mainstream media for coverage of news and issues, you’ll be poorly informed on many of them. That’s because when journalists do discuss issues, they often tell only half the story.

Who really thinks we are being given all the facts we need for a frank debate on co-governance? Or the effects of the Public Interest Journalism Fund on what we are told about the Treaty? Or, for that matter, an informed discussion of Pharmac’s de facto policy of rationing drugs by delays that can last for many years — leaving us languishing at the bottom of 20 OECD nations for access to cutting-edge cancer treatments?

Are we told all we need to know about suicide and how to best improve our woeful statistics? How often does the mainstream media discuss the “Blobs” of elite opinion that suffocate and skew public debate on contentious topics by making it look as though everyone important agrees?

These are just a few of the hard-hitting topics we have covered on The Common Room since we launched in August 2022 with weekly videos and then regular columns.

We are promoters and defenders of free speech. In our view, opening up contentious topics for debate is far better than closing them down. Or avoiding them.

Why don’t you pull up a seat, and join our conversation?

Let’s talk.

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